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The #Python scripting language has been added to the Unity Editor.

Integrate existing Python / PySide tools from your Visual Effects workflows. Especially useful for studios from the film industry. πŸ’―

#unity3d #VisualEffects #VFX #UnityForFilm


Launched my website, been working on it for years! πŸš€ 😎

(screenshot attached in case DNS doesn't resolve for you yet)

Tinkerwell - The magical PHP tinker app for macOS, Windows and Linux. #Dev #PHP #Laravel by

"Tiny helpers"

> A collection of free single-purpose online tools for web developers...

In 2011 I coded my very last OpenGL 1.1 demo before I started to use the GPU for real (read: use shaders) like adults people around me :D

the cute gfx were done by Ilkke and the absolutely marvellous chiptune was done by the legendary 4mat.

I've also been working on a php library for Pixelfed, will enable you to build exciting things with the platform!

This might be a good excuse for me to learn other languages and work on pixelfed libs for them too 😁

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