Fried esparagues with heura and tomato cherry.


* pack of heura
* 4 tomato cherry
* 300g esparagues
* olive oil
* salt
* pepper
* half onion


Chop onio, tomato and esparagues, warmup olive oil on frying pan, add veggies, fry till heura will be crunchy. Enjoy. Add pepper and salt for taste.

Tips - you can prepare your gnocchi in the stunning smoked red pepper "paner" - they will get more character to help you in lonely moments ;-)

Hi everyone! I used to run in the past server, now I have decided to launch a instance dedicated to sacred from

I like to code, , put some tracks with , big fan of . Learning recently Rust and writing plugins for . - I run server.

whenever applicable, and I am also but I am not posting pictures of dying or tortured animals. Cheers everyone!

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