Unfortunately the flower pots did not arrive, the soil neither, and some of the seedlings were in a bad shape. I have already changed flower pot for the 4 in worst shape, an waiting for the soil delivery to utilize the black horizontal flower pots.

And summary of my growing in living room. Today I have ordered 4 big flowerpots for the balcony, and 5 more for this room.

So my PCIe card for my workstation arrived. I replaced my old ethernet connection, and as we can see there is a hue improvement. On the opposite side, bluetooth chipset is not being detected.

What are you favorite shortcuts? Paste your in comments :)

* Ctrl + Alt + T -> Open Terminal
* Super - Expose/Show all running apps, start search
* Super - Tab - Change the app
* Super - ~ - Change window in the current app
* Super - left/right - stacking the windows
* Shift +Ctrl + Print - Copy an area of the screen to the clipboard ()

I have ordered a new pcie wifi card to my workstation, WIFI6 and wpa3 -> however, it needs a kernel +5.1 to work - so I updated my workstation to @ubuntu :-) So good for now.

Fried esparagues with heura and tomato cherry.


* pack of heura
* 4 tomato cherry
* 300g esparagues
* olive oil
* salt
* pepper
* half onion


Chop onio, tomato and esparagues, warmup olive oil on frying pan, add veggies, fry till heura will be crunchy. Enjoy. Add pepper and salt for taste.

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