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Hi everyone! I used to run in the past server, now I have decided to launch a instance dedicated to sacred from

I like to code, , put some tracks with , big fan of . Learning recently Rust and writing plugins for . - I run server.

whenever applicable, and I am also but I am not posting pictures of dying or tortured animals. Cheers everyone!

Some regarding from my instance - so we have wind in Barcelona in perspective last 30 days and last 2 years. Also, it says that it is almost 90% warmer than year ago.

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any idea where 17 will move into the production channel? I like production channel, but i am really kinky to check news in 17 :-/ 🦌

Dear IETF: Are you fucking kidding me?
To get an RFC .txt file I must allow Cloudflare and Google tracking?

Are you serious? This is wrong on all OSI layers!

Stats from my instance: it is 65% warmer than year ago (and it translates to 12% warmer at my place)...

I have deployed several fixed for server - for instance http upload is working now again ;-)

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