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Hi everyone! I used to run in the past server, now I have decided to launch a instance dedicated to sacred from

I like to code, , put some tracks with , big fan of . Learning recently Rust and writing plugins for . - I run server.

whenever applicable, and I am also but I am not posting pictures of dying or tortured animals. Cheers everyone!

Unfortunately the flower pots did not arrive, the soil neither, and some of the seedlings were in a bad shape. I have already changed flower pot for the 4 in worst shape, an waiting for the soil delivery to utilize the black horizontal flower pots.

Making fresh rolls and a stock of #pizza dough (x3), with my Rob Nanninga apron! 🩱 #Vegan #bread πŸ₯–πŸ•

Today’s lunch: #vegan pasta with fresh basil from our windowsill garden, by chef @Tingyi πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸ³ #theGalley

🐧 New entry: Blake Stone: Planet Strike (1994, with BStone)
🐘 An info from (Gaming on Linux):

πŸ“• Summary: Blake Stone: Planet Strike is an FPS. BStone is a free/libre, source port for the games Blake Stone: Aliens Of Gold & Blake Stone: Planet Strike
🏠 HomePage:
πŸ”§ Dev:

🎬 Video:

πŸ”– #Linux #Game

And summary of my growing in living room. Today I have ordered 4 big flowerpots for the balcony, and 5 more for this room.

So, I have contacted Asus support and made a support case, first registering my product. Let's see.

So my PCIe card for my workstation arrived. I replaced my old ethernet connection, and as we can see there is a hue improvement. On the opposite side, bluetooth chipset is not being detected.

Zoom meetings aren’t actually end-to-end encrypted, despite misleading marketing on their website, in their security white paper, and in the user interface in their app by @yaelwrites and myself

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