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Hi everyone! I used to run in the past server, now I have decided to launch a instance dedicated to sacred from

I like to code, , put some tracks with , big fan of . Learning recently Rust and writing plugins for . - I run server.

whenever applicable, and I am also but I am not posting pictures of dying or tortured animals. Cheers everyone!

Some regarding from my instance - so we have wind in Barcelona in perspective last 30 days and last 2 years. Also, it says that it is almost 90% warmer than year ago.

@nextcloud @nextcloudupdate
any idea where 17 will move into the production channel? I like production channel, but i am really kinky to check news in 17 :-/ 🦌

Dear IETF: Are you fucking kidding me?
To get an RFC .txt file I must allow Cloudflare and Google tracking?

Are you serious? This is wrong on all OSI layers!

Stats from my instance: it is 65% warmer than year ago (and it translates to 12% warmer at my place)...

I have deployed several fixed for server - for instance http upload is working now again ;-)

Bit of annoying fight with dependencies, some had to install directly from git and locally starts (not tested yet) on python :-) 🦌

This week I should finish finally my relocation (tomorrow I need to give the keys back to old flat). This will give back my 100% time for my computer activities, and already some backlog...

So this is happening. 2020 #Photography challenge. 52 cards, 52 weeks. My phone camera stinks so I'm going to remote control an RX100 for the photo capture and edit it with Lightroom Mobile on the phone.

Who wants to join me?


Fuck yourself 

Jolla Blog Post: A New Decade For Sailfish OS

A new year's message from Jolla CEO & Co-founder Sami PienimΓ€ki about the developments in the past year and the expectations for Sailfish OS and Jolla in 2020.

- #Jolla #SailfishOS

Coucou les m’mouths #vegan !

Je me dΓ©barrasse de plein de vΓͺtements en ce moment. La plupart des fringues partent dans ma famille ou Γ  EmmaΓΌs.
Mais voilΓ , il me reste sur les bras une ceinture en cuir Vegan dont j’aimerais faire profiter un mammouth. (Taille : 75cm)
Si vous Γͺtes intΓ©ressΓ©s, je suis prΓͺte Γ  prendre en charge les frais de port. (Je la donne Γ©videmment !)


Venez en DM ou boostez moi ❀️

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